Why You Need a Business/Contract Lawyer When Starting a Business

The decision to start a business comes after much deliberation, preparation and hard work. Many entrepreneurs work tirelessly to make sure their new venture will succeed.  After putting in all this effort, it is important that your company will be legally sound so that your assets are protected. Here is why you should hire a business lawyer when starting a new business.

Formulating The Business Structure

The advice of a business lawyer is essential when formulating the structure of your new company. In fact, to establish an LLC or any other business entity, you will need to file specific documents to legally do business. Trust a skilled lawyer to help you draft these, so that you can focus on growing your new business venture. Your lawyer can handle the rest.

Structuring your business from a legal perspective is extremely important as it enables you to protect your personal assets, time, and your new business. As federal and local laws can change, be sure to hire an experienced lawyer who can best protect and inform you about your start-up.

Establishing Agreements

If you’re starting a business with a partner or investor, it is crucial that you hire a business/contract lawyer to draft your business agreements. This way, you can have the peace of mind that each party is fairly represented and compensated during the lifetime of your company.

No matter what your business agreement is, it is important that it is in writing in order that all details, payment obligations, or other particulars can be addressed early on, limiting the chances of legal issues in the future.

Prevent Lawsuits

Legal issues and subsequent lawsuits can disrupt even the largest of companies which is why your start-up should plan ahead. By hiring a lawyer to review your contracts and agreements, you can protect yourself from future litigation. If a lawsuit was to arise, a business lawyer can also protect your interests in court.

Breach of Contract

One of the most frustrating and negative things that can happen to your business is a breach of contract. Whether it is an uncooperative client, a reluctant employee, or third-party mistake, hiring a contract and business lawyer will enable you to stand up for your business and if necessary, reach appropriate settlements.

Bonaquist|Allen Law

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