Five Things to Know About A Defamation of Character Case

Defamation of character is one of the most frustrating and complicated personal matters that can happen in one’s life. In today’s world where word travels fast, through offices, social media platforms, and various circles, it can be difficult to reclaim your reputation after defamation occurs.

Legally defined, defamation of character is the oral or written communication of a false statement that harms someone’s reputation making it unquestionably a serious legal and personal matter.

If you are seeking justice for your defamation of character case, here are five things you need to know.

Defamation of character

Types of Defamation

There are two types of defamation: “libel” and “slander.” Libel is best defined as written defamation taking the form of printing (or writing), photos, signs, or any form of communication that defames a person’s reputation.

Slander is defined as spoken defamation. Slander often occurs when one person, with the intent of harm, makes a false oral statement against another.

Proving Defamation

Once you establish the type of defamation that has occurred, you will need to prove it in a court of law. This will require research and investigation into the defamatory statements and claims made by the other parties. If these claims were created with the intent to hurt your reputation or character, you can move forward with your case.

defamation of character

Elements of a Defamation Lawsuit

Every defamation case is unique in nature, reputation, and scale. However, all cases have these main elements in. common:

  1. A false statement, claiming to be true, was made
  2. The statement was published (libel) and/or spoken (slander) to a third party
  3. The statement caused damages

Because defamation is a reactionary lawsuit, as it takes place after the harm has been done, it is important to hire a lawyer who can act fast and dissect every element, in order for you to repair your reputation as quickly as possible.

Effects of Defamation

The effects and damages of defamation vary by case. In many instances, it is very difficult to quantify the full effects of mental and emotional distress, embarrassment, shame, and other factors. In other cases, defamation may cause quantifiable damages such as lost jobs, missed wages, failed business prospects, and other devasting financial and physical losses.

Hire A Lawyer

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