What To Know About Class Action Lawsuits in Florida

Class action lawsuits in Florida are a common, powerful legal process utilized for addressing collective claims of multiple individuals with similar grievances. If you are considering or currently involved in a class action lawsuit in Florida, here are some important insights from the experienced attorneys at Bonaquist | Allen.

Defining a Class Action Lawsuit

In the State of Florida, a class action lawsuit is a legal proceeding where a collection of people, known as a “class,” have similar legal claims and decide to sue another party collectively. In most cases, this action is often taken against a corporation or organization. This type of lawsuit is used when a large number of people are affected, making individual lawsuits impractical.

Key Elements of Class Action Lawsuits in Florida

For a lawsuit to proceed as a class action in Florida, it must be certified by the court. This is established by proving that all the participating class members have factual claims and common legal grounds.

Once the court deems the class credible, the class must then select representation. This representative will be responsible for working with legal counsel to make the decisions for the class as a whole as well as notifying all members of any updates to the lawsuit, their legal rights and any other matter regarding the class action.

Pros & Cons of Class Action Lawsuits

Class action lawsuits in the State of Florida have numerous pros and cons. On the positive side of the coin, this is an efficient way to streamline the legal process for numerous parties with similar claims. Instead of hundreds of court cases, filings and lawsuits, a class action is one collective case as opposed to many.

Another major positive to class action lawsuits in Florida is that there is strength in numbers. Whether you do not have the time nor the finances to pursue litigation, a class action lawsuit allows you to join with other individuals to lessen the burden.

Some of the challenges related to class action lawsuits are that they often become complex and lengthy. With multiple individuals involved, it can become a time-consuming process for all parties. Additionally, with numerous parties involved, the result or compensation is divided amongst all participants, thus offering a small portion of the final settlement.

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