Reviewing Your Commercial Lease Agreement in Southwest Florida

A commercial lease agreement in Florida can be the start of an exciting endeavor. Whether you’re starting a business, upgrading your current office space or entering into a new market, your new location is a major step for any company. This is why it is so important to fully understand your lease. Here is why you need to hire an attorney to review your commercial lease agreement in Southwest Florida.

Local Expertise

In Florida, leases for commercial properties can vary greatly from property to property. If you are signing a commercial lease in Southwest Florida, the expertise of a local attorney is invaluable.

Not only will they be able to review zoning restrictions and laws, but they will also know the market and best advise you on what constitutes a fair agreement compared to other properties in the area.


Every business has unique needs for its commercial space. If you are operating a storefront, you need a welcoming property that will attract patrons. If you are using your space for an office or a “home base” for a service, you will need to customize the inside to fit your needs.

A commercial lease agreement may have strict guidelines on the proposed customization of your commercial space which is why it is important to hire an attorney to help you successfully plan your new property’s space.

Saving Money in the Long Run

While there’s an upfront cost to hiring an attorney, doing so can save money in the long run by avoiding costly disputes or misunderstandings. An attorney can ensure that the lease terms are clear and enforceable, which can prevent the cost of litigation later down the line.

Whether it is mitigating risks, negotiating an exit strategy or simply negotiating a fair lease with the owner of the property, hiring a real estate attorney to review your commercial lease agreement is always beneficial.

Hire the Experts at Bonaquist | Allen Law

If you are looking to sign a commercial lease agreement in Southwest Florida, contact the real estate lawyers of Bonaquist | Allen to help you in your efforts.

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Located in Naples, our attorneys are a part of numerous civic and professional boards and associations including the Collier Building Industry Association, the area’s leading organization connecting and educating builders and construction companies, thus providing a knowledgeable team for your commercial property.

Our team will use our local connections, experience and skills to make sure you receive the best possible representation available. As a small firm, your case will be the top priority as we are committed to serving you and your commercial real estate needs.

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