5 Things to Know About HOA Rules in Florida

One of the biggest draws to living in the Sunshine State is the amenity-rich, private communities located throughout the state. While many seasonal residents enjoy these developments for the security and maintenance-free lifestyle, most communities are managed by a homeowner association (HOA) that can affect what you can and cannot do in and around your home.

If you live in a HOA-managed community or have a dispute with one of the association’s rulings, here are five things to know about HOA rules in Florida from the experienced real estate attorneys of Bonaquist | Allen Law.

Governing Documents

The backbone of all HOAs are the governing documents. These can include the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs), bylaws and rules and regulations. These documents will dictate everything from building restrictions to parking rules. If you ever disagree with your HOA, consult the governing documents to first test your theories.

Fees & Assessments

Reoccurring fees are a necessary requirement to fund the maintenance, amenities and utilities of an HOA community. In Florida, these fees will vary depending on the community’s size and the services provided.

In some instances, assessments are put in place to pay for damages or upgrades to the community. These obligations are stated in the governing documents, so be sure to familiarize with these rules so that you are not surprised by costs.

Meetings & Participation

HOAs regularly have meetings for the community members to voice their opinions, vote on rulings and understand decisions. Through these meetings, there are specific requirements for voting procedures, quorums and various decision-making processes, which are laid out in the governing documents.

Compliance and Enforcement

If you are in violation of an association’s mandate, the HOA can enforce rules through fines, liens and in extreme cases, foreclosure. Understanding the enforcement process and your rights is essential for any homeowner.

Disputing The HOA

It is not uncommon for homeowners to have a dispute with the HOA. In fact, most HOAs outline the resolution process for disputes in the governing documents. Whether it’s mediation, arbitration or litigation, there are numerous ways to dispute your association’s ruling. But if you need help with your HOA dispute, don’t go it alone, trust the experts at Bonaquist | Allen.

Hire the Florida Real Estate Experts at Bonaquist | Allen

Navigating the complexities of HOA rules in Florida can be daunting. However, with the right knowledge and legal support from Bonaquist | Allen, homeowners can live harmoniously within their communities while safeguarding their rights and investments.

Whether you’re buying into an HOA community or are a current homeowner facing legal challenges, the real estate attorneys at Bonaquist | Allen are ready to assist.

With over 40 years of experience in the Florida market, our team has experience in just about every HOA dispute imaginable.

Located in Naples, our local real estate lawyers have vast experience in the unique regulating structure of Southwest Florida. In fact, our attorneys are a part of numerous civic and professional boards and associations best positioning them to stay up to date on all current and changing property matters.

Our team will use our real estate expertise to ensure you receive the justice you deserve. Our real estate lawyers in Southwest Florida are both successful and transparent in all their dealings so that you will know that you are getting the best service and expertise for property and HOA questions.

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