Why You Should Consult an Employment Lawyer as a Business Owner

An employment lawyer is one of the most essential connections a business owner can make. As the leader of your company, you should always have an eye toward minimizing potential risks and evaluating various means to generate growth for your business. An employment lawyer can help you do just that as it relates to the legal side of your strategies, business agreements, and more. Here is why you should consult an employment lawyer as a business owner in Southwest Florida.

Employment Agreements

The employees of a company are the most valuable assets a business has. Knowledge, abilities and experience aren’t easily replaceable, not to mention that they are major contributing factors to your company’s success. When hiring new employees, it is always a good idea to consult an employment lawyer to review your agreements.

An employment agreement or contract is an agreement between an employer and an employee for an exchange of services for payment. As a business owner, your agreements are up to your discretion. However, it is important that you clearly state the compensation, benefits, and other major factors in your agreements.

Having an employment lawyer review this agreement can be beneficial to all parties involved as you can establish a fair, legal and just arrangement for work. Should a problem arise, an employment lawyer can refer back to the agreement and find a legal solution to the matter.

Termination/Severance Agreements

As a business owner, it is never easy to let an employee go. Regardless of the circumstances, it can be an unsettling time for both parties. In those instances lawyer draft a termination or severance agreement and perhaps mediate between the two parties.

A termination or severance agreement is a legal document that is used to cancel an employment agreement or contract ending the agreed-upon services. In this case, the employee would need to sign this contract in order to agree to the termination and its repercussions.

Confidentiality Agreements

In certain industries, employees work on projects that are not for public information. In this case, the business may ask for its employees to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) or an employee confidentiality contract in order to protect your assets, your clients and your employees from lawsuits.

It is very important that you seek consultation from an employment lawyer so that they can best lay out the expectations of your employees. This can save your company from legal headaches down the road as you protect all parties involved.

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