Important Renter’s Rights Information in Naples, Florida

Living in Naples, Florida is truly a privilege. Known for its spring-like, year-round weather, white sand beaches and vacation-esque lifestyle, many people come to the Paradise Coast for seasonal rentals for a life of luxury.

The area is becoming increasingly popular for renters as it has recently been ranked The #1 Place to Live in the US, by U.S. News World and Report a real estate and population reporting website.

With the influx of seasonal and permanent renters in Southwest Florida, here are important renter’s rights to know about the Naples market from the expert real estate lawyers at Bonaquist Allen.

Small house with rental label

Lease Agreements

The backbone of any rental relationship is your lease agreement. A lease agreement is a legally binding contract that outlines the terms and conditions of your rental. These documents often contain information about rent payments, security deposits, maintenance/repairs, terms and much more.

Renter’s rights are generally outlined in the lease agreement and are between the landlord and the tenant, so it is important to understand your agreement before signing.

Safe and Habitable Living Environment

The state of Florida mandates that all landlords must ensure safe and habitable living conditions for renters. Regardless of whether you’re in a waterfront home, a high-rise condominium, or a private community villa, your rental must meet safety standards for occupancy.

In many instances, especially waterfront properties, it is important that residences are regularly maintained so that the home is prepared for the unpredictable weather patterns that often come through the area. 

Protection Against Retaliation

If a residence is not safe and habitable, landlords cannot evict, harass, or increase rent in response to a tenant exercising their legal right to report health code violations and unsafe living conditions.

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Handling Disputes

Disputes and issues between tenants and landlords, despite best efforts, are sometimes inevitable. Open and honest communication is often the first step in resolving many issues.

This is why it is important to document all interactions and attempts to resolve the problem. If verbal communication fails, the next step is to provide a written complaint detailing the issue and the desired resolution. Whether you need to involve your Home Owner’s Association or a real estate lawyer, be sure to have evidence, documents and all forms necessary to back up your claims.

Hiring a Skilled Real Estate Lawyer

If you are a tenant, landlord or homeowner in Southwest Florida, contact the real estate lawyers of Bonaquist | Allen to help you with any rental disputes, lease agreements, purchase/sale transactions and much more.

With over 40 years of experience in the Florida market, Bonaquist | Allen is the name you can trust to help you with any legal real estate needs.

Located in Naples, our local real estate lawyers know and love this community. In fact, our attorneys are a part of numerous civic and professional boards and associations including the Collier Building Industry Association, the area’s leading organization connecting and educating home builders and construction companies.

Our team will use our real estate connections, experience and skills to make sure you receive the justice you deserve. As a small firm, your case will be the top priority as we are committed to serving you and your real estate needs. Whether you’re buying, selling, renting or leasing – trust Bonaquist | Allen as your Naples real estate lawyer.

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